Import means the entry of goods into the customs territory of a country which has several types: a) definitive imports; b) temporary imports; c) returned goods; d) transit (domestic and foreign)

A. Definitive imports: There are a variety of methods that are most important:
1- Import from the purchased currency from the banking system to open credit
2. Importation of foreign currency in order to open credit
3- Imports against export from the place of export license to the name of the issuing person (non-transferable)
4. Imports against exports to the countries of Central Asia and Africa by providing an export license in the name of the issuing person or in another name with a formal assignment (there is no right to transfer to another).
5. Imports without transferring foreign currency from the place of foreign investment after the approval of the Investment Organization (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance)
6. Imports without transferring currency from the list of authorized items list.
7. Imports without transferring foreign currency from the seat of the 4-person commissioned by the Ministry of Commerce
Order Registration Order Importing Goods:
1- Compliance with technical regulations for ordering goods
2. Providing required documents for ordering the goods, including a valid commercial card, a membership card of the Ministry of Commerce, the application for registration of the order signed by the applicant, obtaining the required legal permissions in accordance with the book of export-import regulations, the Principal Principal and Copywriting
3- Observe the instructions for the issuance of an amendment and renewal and revocation of order registration if necessary
How to execute the order of registration:
1- The application for registration and membership in the Ministry of Commerce database by completing the registration form, providing the required documents and receiving the membership card
2- Submitting the order registration documents to the responsible officer at the Foreign Trade Office to control the documents
3. Examination of the evidence of the documents and examination of the conditions of entry of the requested goods and the conformity of the documents provided with the existing guidelines and relevant regulations and the examination of the tariffs of goods based on the system H.S.
4 - Confirmation at noon of the order for complete filing after reviewing the following:
* Controlling and arranging documents for stamp and 8 digit number
* Investigating the type of transaction order and conforming to the relevant seal
* Insert the stamp in the order and original proforms
* Calculating the cost and issuing the equivalent amount of the Rials of the goods
5- Delivery of order and proforms and other documents to the applicant
B. Temporary import:
Temporary admission is another type of import, which means that some goods are temporarily imported into the country for a certain period and then leave the country after the above mentioned purpose. As :
* Foreign goods imported into international exhibitions.
* Goods to be repaired and completed.
Aerial photography, aerial photography, scientific or technical studies, etc.
* Vehicles and cargo containers
* Goods that are temporarily imported under international customs conventions.
C - References:
The goods are imported into the country and are returned abroad for some reason. References are categorized as non-temporary and temporary imports.
D - Transit (domestic and foreign):
Foreign transit means that foreign goods enter the border of Iran in order to cross Iranian territory and leave the other border. These types of goods are not considered as definitive imports and exports.
Internal transit means that the uncleaned goods can be transported from the customs office to another customs office, for example, transporting goods from a border customs office or inland to another customs within the country.